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As a 17ft travel trailer, 2023 Blackseries HQ17 is a very good fit for family of five trailer. With a length of 7.42M and a weight of 2.75T, Blackseries HQ17 caravan needs to be towed by a non-load-bearing SUV or pickup truck with a displacement above 3.0 T. More spacious space and more complete functions could support family of five trailer outdoor living.
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The arm of Blackseries HQ17 travel trailer adopts the Australian off-road special linker, which can move flexibly up and down 70 degrees,reduce the vibration of the front and rear vehicles caused by the bumps on the road, and reduce the shaking of the lateral sway when the vehicle is running at high speed. Blackseries offroad rv trailer tractors are also equipped with two metal chains for safety raise. All Blackseries caravan are equipped with the lock device for front and rear vehicles to enhance safety on the road.
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All-terrain off-road tires , two pairs of independent suspension, four shock absorbing springs, multiple sets of cushioning super rubber pads keep Blackseries HQ17 to cross any road conditions in the wild. The two pairs of independent suspension guarantee the stability and passability of the 17ft offgrid RV when dealing with the extreme hard conditions such as cross-axle roads, mud pits and desert. The double-layer chassis armor spraying enhances the waterproof and anti-corrosion ability and ensures the wading ability of HQ17 camping trailer.
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Blackseries HQ17 caravan is equipped with multi-energy interfaces, making 17 ft outdoor living easy to switch between different energies. Their four 150 W solar power panels, power supply system 12 V + 220 V, 400 Ah batteries ensure stable power supplies. The long-lasting performance eliminates worries about 17ft offgrid rv trips.
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The independent suspension system and high carbon steel chassis of the Blackseries HQ17 camping trailer make 17ft travel trailer have strong all-terrain off-road capability. The whole offroad rv trailer adopts aluminum frame and embossed aluminum plate, which makes Blackseriesoffroad RV trailer lighter and more malleable.

Blackseries HQ17 travel trailer has very powerful functional configuration, complete set of household appliances configuration, inside and outside lighting system, control system, super large capacity water tank, multi-energy conversion, solar power panel, etc., can support out of the camp, to ensure long-term 17 ft outdoor living needs.Provide a more comfortable living and resting environment for you in the harsh outdoor environment.
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As a 17ft offroad RV trailer suitable for a family of five to live comfortably outdoors, the body of 17ft offgrid RV is covered with polyurethane insulation material to provide thermal insulation effect, suitable for year-round use. The vehicle's water system adopts internal piping, and at the same time, it is wrapped with thermal insulation materials to achieve double protection. Blackseries HQ17 caravan's thermal insulation grade reaches the Australian R6 thermal insulation standard (the thermal insulation level of high mountain and high altitude houses), and Outdoor tests conducted in harsh environments in various regions of the world, inverter air conditioners, and diesel heaters allow HQ17 to enjoy the adventure camping environment for family of five trailer no matter in severe cold or scorching heat.
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