1. How Much Does a Black Series Camper Cost?

Since we don't sell directly to customers, our prices vary from dealership to dealership! We always recommend checking in with your local dealer and inquiring about their pricing or heading to our website to request a quote.

2. Where Can I Buy a Black Series Camper?

We have dealerships located all throughout the US. Click the icon on the right to contact us for your nearest dealerships. 

3. Will My Vehicle Be Able to Tow It?

The dry weight and GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) for each trailer are provided on our website. Open the user manual that's included on each camper's product page to find these numbers. You can send that info over to your vehicle manufacturer to check what your towing capacity is. Because each vehicle is made so differently, we're unable to provide you with an exact answer as to whether or not your vehicle will tow a specific Black Series camper. 

4. Can I Customize My Own Black Series Camper?

What you do with your camper is up to you. As a general best practice, if you're looking to modify your trailer, we highly recommend going through your dealership to make any upgrades or modifications. Many dealerships will offer certain common upgrades like winterization. Black Series (the manufacturer) does not customize trailers. 

5. How Can I Work With BSC As a Photographer?

We're proudly committed to a few key creative partnership currently and for the near term future. However, we're always looking for awesome customer photos to share鈥 so keep on sendin' them! Make sure to tag on Instagram and use the hashtag #AtHomeOffRoad. We see everything we're tagged in.

6. Do You Make a Toy Hauler?

Yes! We have the Th19 and the Th22 Check them out on our website.

7. How Much Do the Campers Weigh?

The dry weight of each camper is listed on our website under the "Download User Manual" tab that's on each product page. You can find tons of information about each model, including the weight. 

8. Do You Have Dealers In Canada?

Black Series campers will soon be available in Canada through a new Quebec dealership. Alternatively, you can reach out to our Montana dealerships, some of which are just south of the border. Find the dealership closest to you on our Dealer Locator. They'll be happy to assist you with all your Black Series Camper needs.

9. Are Your Campers Assembled in the USA?

Yes, The campers are assembled in the USA, in the City of Industry, California.

10. What's The Difference Between the C and the HQ Models?

The C (Classic) model has a slightly more simplified setup. It doesn't have quite as many additional features as the HQ (Headquarters) models do. The C12 model also has a slide-out rear end that's not featured on the HQ12.

11. Does Black Series Make 5th Wheels?

No, we don't currently make 5th Wheels.

12. Where Can I Get the Price of a Specific Part?

Email with the picture of the part you would like the price for and we will provide you with a price and order form that you can fill out and return to purchase the part.

13. Where Do I Take My Unit for Warranty Work?

Our website has a list of Black Series dealerships on our Dealer Locator. You can get repairs done under warranty through any of these dealers. It will likely be easiest to go through the dealer you purchased the trailer from.

14. Where Do I Submit a Warranty Claim?

You can submit a warranty claim through one of the following two forms on our website.

i. Customer Warranty Form

ii. Dealer Warranty Form

15. What is Covered Under Warranty?

Our warranty covers manufacturer defects. The chassis and body frame are also covered under our 15 year warranty. Warranty does not cover cosmetic damages.

16. Where Can I Register My Unit for Warranty?

You can register your unit at the following link: 

Register your unit

19501 E. Walnut Dr South City of Industry,CA 91748 USA

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