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A Trailer Perfect for Small Families

HQ15 is perfect for small families who are eager to go off-grid. The 15ft single-axle compact design is light but strong,
offering the same functionality as the premium models while housing modern luxury appliances.

23.3 ft
External length
5,401 lbs
Net weight
11.8 IN.
Minimum Ground Clearance

Five-Star Safety and

From the body to the insulation material, every detail is designed to ensure five-star safety and protection.

All-aluminum body frame
Independent anti-decoupling system
Polyurethane insulation material

Comfortable Mobile
Living Space

Premium | Exquisite | Enjoyable

Sleep Like A Baby

1×6.4*4.9ft master bedroom, 1×2.4*5.2ft children's bed. These ergonomic beds make it easy for each family member to sleep like a baby.

Flexible Storage Space

The RV houses numerous storage cabinets throughout, like two pass-through storage compartments at the front of the RV, which offer sufficient space for all of your necessary items.

Open Lounge

Paired sofas and adjustable tables allow you to use one area for different purposes---- as an office or for entertainment.

Warm-Toned Lighting

Atmospheric lighting in the lounge, kitchen, and bathroom creates a warm and comforting ambiance throughout the camper.

Intelligent RV Life

HQ15 is equipped with intelligent home systems such as 31-inch movable TV/reversing video/smoke, gas alarm, etc. In addition, you can monitor the status of the RV at any point through an APP on your mobile phone that shows data about water, electricity, gas, and other RV features in real-time, making maintenance more manageable.

Off-Grid RV Life Can Be So Easy

Solar panel
Power supply
Water tanks
international-standard high frequency all-in-one charger inverter
Solar panel
Power supply
Water tanks
international-standard high frequency all-in-one charger inverter
HQ15 is equipped with diesel, natural gas, and solar energy to ensure a continuous power supply. In addition, an expansive water tank system effortlessly meets the water needs of small families for more than a week, eliminating the constraints of camps and achieving authentic outdoor travel.

Powerful All-Terrain Passability

Enables you to experience real off-road RV-ing.

MT Tires

Professional off-road tires are designed to handle any harsh road conditions.

Independent Suspension

Ensures that each wheel can move independently and steadily.

Armored Chassis

The armored chassis improves durability, water-crossing performance, and all-terrain handling.

Black Series Off-Road RV

It is our vision to make the RV a safe, accessible, and comfortable mobile living space. From exterior to interior, suspension system to armored chassis, power system to water tank, the Black Series HQ15 has achieved unparalleled off-road capability and long-term living support in the wild, bringing a safe and comfortable travel experience to every passenger.

Black Series Exhibition Hall

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Black SeriesExhibition Hall.

Black Series Club

A lifestyle community where Black Series owners
share their happiness and grow together.

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