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Classic Aesthetic Design

We refuse mediocrity. The classic black-grey-red color scheme, angular design, and sleek lines fully demonstrate the powerful momentum.

A Trailer Designed For Families

HQ17 is an intelligently designed family hauler based on a concept of exceptional durability.

External length
23.8 ft
Net weight
5,731 lbs
Minimum Ground Clearance
11.8 IN.

No Road Too Rugged

Unparalleled off-road performance pushes the limits

Exudes a Sense of Luxurious Comfort

Exquisite interiors and furnishings create a comfortable experience throughout the journey.

Meets the Travel Needs of Bigger Families

Meets the Travel Needs of Bigger Families

HQ17 is equipped with a sleeping capacity suitable for five people---- 1脳7*4.9 ft master bedroom, 1脳2.4*6.3 ft children's bed, and 2脳7*2.3 ft bunks, meeting the travel needs of large families.

Multi-functional Lounge

Multi-functional Lounge

The multi-functional lounge features paired seating and adjustable tables. While commonly used as adinette, office, or entertainment area, it can transform into a sleeping area when the table is folded.

Home-style Kitchen

Home-style Kitchen

HQ17 houses a 6 cu.ft, double-burner stove, and a MEG50K-5 6 Gal. microwave oven, which make daily cooking on the road more convenient.

Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Bathroom

Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Bathroom

The HQ17 bathroom is made of fiber-reinforced plastic, which is lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

Off-Grid RV Life Can Be So Easy

The power and water systems of HQ17 can guarantee extended outdoor living. The built-in water pipe is equipped with an anti-freeze layer, ensuring unhindered functionality in winter. Owners no longer need to depend on campsites for free travel.

Solar panel
Power supply
Water tanks
international-standard high frequency
all-in-one charger inverter
Armored Chassis

Armored Chassis

The armored chassis improves durability and water-crossing performance.
Off-Road Independent Suspension System

Off-Road Independent Suspension System

With two pairs of independent suspension systems, wherever the front of the vehicle goes, the trailer never fails to follow.
MT Tires

MT Tires

265/75 R16 Good Ride M/T tires can handle any road conditions.

Blackseries Off-Road RV

Our vision is to make the RV a safe, accessible, and comfortable mobile living space. From the exterior to interior, suspension system to armored chassis, power system to water tanks, the Blackseries HQ17 has achieved unparalleled off-road capability and provides long-term living support in the wild, bringing a safe and comfortable travel experience to every passenger.

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