Off-Road is in our DNA

With off-road in our DNA,our wildness knows no boundaries.

Built For Off-Roaders

Featuring sturdiness, durability, and crash resistance, HQ19 is specially built for off-roaders.

Redefine Off-Road Trailers with HQ19
External length
Net weight
5,942 lbs

Redefine Off-Road Trailers

The HQ19 is one of the most luxurious in our line of trailers, allowing you to embark on your trip of choice at any time.

Open-Air Kitchen

Open-Air Kitchen

The outdoor pull-out, all-stainless steel, double-burner,
high heat stove creates an open-air kitchen where you can put your cooking skills to the test.
Outdoor Leisure Space

Outdoor Leisure Space

The external 13ft remote-control electrical awning allows
you to enjoy outdoor leisure with the touch of just one button.

Pleasant mobile living space
Your five-star home

For every detail of the HQ19, we take into account both elegance and comfort.
You will find light wood accents and uncomplicated modern interiors in the trailer.
Each of these elements is designed to offer a comfortable and cozy RV life.

Ergonomic Bed

Ergonomic Bed

A newly designed backrest is upgraded with a soft bed cover that is more ergonomic-friendly,taking comfort to the next level, allowing you to sleep like a baby.

Pair Sofas

Pair Sofas

HQ19 features premium leather sofa----soft and comfortable, durable, and easy to clean.

Home-like Kitchen

Home-like Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important configurations of the RV. HQ19 has everything you need: refrigerator, oven, microwave, stove, etc. As a result, you can easily prepare and enjoy food when RV-ing.

Luxury Bathroom

Luxury Bathroom

HQ19 has a bathroom with a dry and wet area. The toilet and shower are situated separately for greater privacy.The bathroom adopts a warm color palette, making you feel warmer in winter.

Extended Outdoor Living Support

Thanks to the expansive solar panels and the generous water tank design, HQ19 provides outstanding support for extended living in the wild.

Solar panel
Power supply
Water tank
Armored Chassis for Off-Road

Armored Chassis for Off-Road

The armored chassis features significant corrosion resistance and water-proofing, improving its durability and water-crossing performance.
Independent Suspension System

Independent Suspension System

HQ19 is equipped with two pairs of independent suspension systems, allowing you to travel across any terrain, like mud, rocks, sand, etc.
MT Tires

MT Tires

The HQ19 is equipped with 6×LT 265/75 R16M/T tires to meet your exploration needs by providing solid off-road performance.

Blackseries Off-Road RV

Our vision is to make the RV a safe, accessible, and comfortable mobile living space.
From the exterior to interior, suspension system to armored chassis, power system to water tanks,
the Blackseries HQ19 has achieved unparalleled off-road capability and provides long-term living support in the wild,
bringing a safe and comfortable travel experience to every passenger.

Blackseries Exhibition Hall

You get more excitement at the
BlackseriesExhibition Hall.

Blackseries Club

A lifestyle community where Blackseries owners
share their happiness and grow together.

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assurance for travel life.

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