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    Sophisticated innovation has a new name: the Black Series HQ19. Newly upgraded, the HQ19 transforms the way you travel, making every destination a luxurious one.


    Refined interior spaces evoke the warmth of home and the elegance of premium hotel suites. And an Intelligent Control System and a sophisticated Power System extend the notion of luxury. So while the outdoors may be rugged, inside, your oasis awaits.


    If the Black Series HQ19 has piqued your interest, keep reading to find out more about this luxury recreational vehicle and the impressive features it offers.


    Innovative Design – What the 2022 Interiors Bring to the Table

    The most significant aspect of innovation is the ability to improve constantly. Black Series does just that, transforming the interior of this already impressive RV to create a model that more than meets the needs of the seasoned traveler.


    An advanced color system, remodeled interior cladding, exquisite cabinetry, and improved ergonomics are just a few of the interior upgrades Black Series has implemented.

    We put these elements and more under the spotlight to see how impressive they are.


    Advanced Color Schemes

    Just because the interior of an RV can be small, it doesn’t mean it should look that way. This time around, Black Series has adopted a warmer color palette for the interior of the HQ19. The warmer tones brighten up the spaces and combine with the improved lighting to provide elegance and ambiance that echoes the openness of the great outdoors.


    The cabinetry brings with it a warmth that lightens and expands the feeling of the space. A sleek combination of light wood and black and white high-bright PET cabinets infuse the space with understated sophistication. Durability does not go unattended, with the cabinets designed to be resistant to wear, scratching, and scuffing.


    A ROB light strip replaces the original lighting, bringing with it a warmer luminescence. In addition, a newly included side light strip on the sofa enhances this ambiance by continuing the natural glow throughout the interior spaces.


    Balancing out the lighting and adding tranquility to the spaces is the light grey curtaining. The multi-fold curtains are now made from a more luxurious fabric – velvet linen that adds a unique texture and elegance to the rooms. If these interiors don’t epitomize leisure and style, we don’t know what does!

    Ergonomically Advanced Comfort

    Attention to detail is where Black Series excels. Upgrading the spaces to offer a more ergonomic fit sees a redesign of the bed and sofa, creating a through-flow that further opens up the interior.


    But what exactly are the changes we can expect? The side of the couch is no longer restricted, providing a sense of open space, while the backrest sits higher, offering impressive comfort for those who enjoy an afternoon with a book.


    Taking comfort to the next level is the bed. A newly designed backrest made with soft fabrics invites you in, but it is the upgraded down feather inner and bed cover that will make you never want to leave. Here, convenience combines with comfort as the inner is lightweight but exceptionally warm and gentle on the skin, while the covers themselves are a cinch to clean.


    Cabinets with a multi-line design complement the space. Cleverly designed with rounded corners to prevent any injuries while echoing the rounded corners found on the countertops and cabinets throughout the RV, these cupboards are impressive.


    Each detail improves the flow of space through this RV, making it easier to move about and increasing the perception of a more open and luxurious interior.


    Less Really is More

    Black Series’ new interior adopts a sleeker, more refined design that does away with fussy features. Instead, we are presented with a minimalist approach that sees finishes like the handleless cabinets. A light touch is all it takes to have these cabinets gently opening and closing on their own.


    Continuing this unencumbered design are the upgraded bathroom finishes. Black Series has incorporated a dual cup holder, towel bar, faucet, and showerhead, each made from state-of-the-art grey hairline finish technology. Besides looking sleek, these finishes offer resistance to wear and exceptional durability.


    An RV with this level of design clarifies that no matter how small, each aspect has been carefully considered, providing the constant traveler with an unforgettable journey.


    The Super Circuit

    But, what would a journey be without top-of-the-line circuitry and electrics? Black Series now equips the HQ19 with electrics that make each trip that much more spectacular.

    Wireless touch switches make turning on the lights an entirely new experience, and they look impressive too.

    If you’re heading out on the town or to a glam dinner in the desert, the electrically controlled, dual-sided makeup mirror is the assistant you need.


    And, what better way to complement the visuals of this luxurious RV than with sound? Black Series has upgraded the sound system with a four-channel amplifier and super bass designed for your listening pleasure.


    Black Series incorporates its updated and exclusive logo light board to the vehicle for that extra flair that sets it apart.


    Easily operated electric outriggers round off the offerings and offer exceptional functionality and balance.


    Enhanced Structural Design

     Aesthetics and audio-visual considerations aren’t the only aspects of this RV that Black Series has revamped to afford comfort and style. Structural elements have their place in the upgrade too.


    Table legs that take up too much space are a thing of the past, replaced with free-lifting columns that open up the area under the table for better legroom.


    The interior height sees a ten-centimeter increase for added height that improves the sense of space and ergonomics of the internal environment. An additional 30 centimeters added to the width of the kitchen window brings the outdoors in, providing enticing views of your surroundings and eliminating any sense of stuffiness.


    The improved design of the pedal will please those who found that of the original HQ19 a little high. This new structure features a single step ladder design with reduced height for a more convenient entry and exit from the RV.


    An Intelligent Control System That Does The Work For You

    Black Series understands amenities are the last thing you want to worry about when you’re on vacation, which is why they have upgraded the Intelligent Control System.


    This unique setup allows the pertinent information of the RV such as gas, electricity, water, and other features to be displayed in one place – on your mobile phone. Keeping this data at your fingertips makes it easier to monitor these elements in real-time. Not keen on keeping your phone with you, don’t worry; a small screen inside the RV displays the data too.


    Black Series’ unique system has even more to offer. For example, an all-in-one master switch allows you to control all appliances within the RV at once or, if you want a little more flexibility, you can control them individually too.


    Real-time supervising of the vehicle’s body for maintenance is straightforward. The built-in diagnostic function manages this data, so you don’t have to. In addition, the powerful onboard GPS makes this technologically advanced recreational vehicle simple to locate remotely.


    Power at Your Fingertips

    Considering the features and finishes offered by this luxury RV, you may wonder where the upgraded HQ19 draws its power from?


    Black Series designed this RV to replenish battery energy anywhere by equipping it with powerful solar and booster chargers. Relying on the power supply of the camp you find yourself in is a thing of the past.


    Black Series replaced the 12V 400AH lead-acid gel battery in the original HQ19 with a 12V 800AH lithium battery. Why is this a big deal? The upgraded battery offers a significantly larger capacity – use it for a full 32 hours running appliances, the fridge, microwave, and lights. You could even turn on the air conditioners and run the RV at full power for up to six hours without interruption.


    If the operation of this battery concerns you, then let us put your mind at ease. It runs with an inverter for quiet, effortless operation, and it is so robust not even the winter elements will have an effect. Made for all seasons, this remarkable battery powers up the new and improved HQ19 for any adventure you set your sights on.


    Long-Distance Luxury

    With all the improvements and highly detailed upgrades, you can’t help but be impressed with Black Series’ use of innovative design and technology. But, what left us even more dazzled is the brand’s recognition of customer feedback and the effort put into incorporating it into the new design.


    The high-tech innovation and elegant yet minimalist design of the new HQ19 place it as the forerunner of premium luxury RVs, making it a must-have for any avid traveler.