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    black series off-road trailer in montana

    It takes a special kind of dealership to sell off-road trailers and off-road RVs right. Doing it right requires an uncommon depth of knowledge and a commitment to the off-road camping lifestyle. It requires studying each trailer like you would an overlanding itinerary. And, maybe more than anything, it requires good old fashioned give-a-crap, simply caring about the people who come in to buy a Black Series Camper. For these reasons we choose our dealers carefully. They’re an extension of the Black Series family, with regional footprints across the US and the Globe. From California to Texas, Utah to Colorado, Florida to the Pacific Northwest, these dealerships are where you can buy off-road trailers and get a lifelong off-road camping resource. In our “Dealer Spotlight” series we’ll introduce you to our family of dealerships and pick their brains for regional camping knowledge, recommended destinations, and overlanding tips that you can take with you on the road.

    Pierce RV Supercenter // Billings, MT & Great Falls, MT

    This Montana dealership has been in business for almost 100 years, but they’re new to the Black Series family. Their wholesome culture and nuanced understanding of both RV’s and off-road trailers sets them apart from other dealerships. Not to mention they’re located in one of the premier outdoor adventure adventure states in the country, Montana. The Pierce RV crew is good people, salt-of-the-earth. We recently caught up with the folks at Pierce RV and picked their brains about their favorite Black Series features, Montana camping destinations, and how they prefer to catch their fish.

    montana landscape for off-road trailer camping

    BS:  What sets Pierce RV apart from other dealerships in your region?

    Pierce:  We are a 97 year-old, 4th generation, family-owned business.  We take a lot of pride in making sure we do business the right way.  We believe product knowledge and training is essential in everything we do, and want to make sure we are able to provide the best service possible for our customers.

    BS:  Are there any services you provide that are particularly useful for Black Series Camper owners?

    Pierce:  We will make sure that our customers get a very thorough walk-thru of the product so they are knowledgeable when they take it out.  Black series off-road trailers are intuitive to use once you’re familiar with them, so we try and shorten that learning curve so folks drive off the lot ready to rock. 

    BS:  What are some key features of Black Series Campers that stand out, making them unique on your lot? In other words, what features do you get most excited to show customers?

    Pierce: We have an indoor showroom, so we are able to have the unit inside and completely opened up with the awning and exterior kitchen out and on display.  I am not sure where to start on this one. The first thing we demonstrate which is obvious to the consumer, is the ruggedness, and overall durability of Black Series trailers.  Then we show the solar panels, water filtration system, and some of the other essential systems. We have over 400 RVs on our lot, and there is nothing anywhere near this product.

    “We have over 400 RVs on our lot, and there is nothing anywhere near this product.” – Pierce RV, Montana

    BS:  If you had to pick one awesome camping destination to send a new Black Series Camper owner to, what would it be?

    Pierce: We are very fortunate to be in such a beautiful state full of mountains, and literally hundreds of great destinations!  Everyone in Montana has their favorite destination, and I hesitate to tell anyone where they should go.  The good news is, in one of these off-road trailers, the options are endless. To give a couple prime locations, though, there’s lots of great camping adventure opportunities near Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks.

    off-road trailer camping in Montana

    Left: Kicking up some mud on the Montana backroads // Middle: Camping with FORLOH on a Montana fishing outing // Right: Heading back to the trailer after a day fly fishing in Montana (all photos courtesy of FORLOH Hunting Apparel)

    BS:  Can you describe your dealership’s company culture? Why do you love working at Pierce RV? Why do you love working in the RV industry?

    Pierce: The first word that comes to mind when describing our culture would be family.  We have over a hundred employees and every one of them is important to our success.  In terms of working in the RV industry, getting to help customers who are excited about taking their families out on memorable vacations is what it’s all about!  These rigs are memory makers.

    “The first word that comes to mind when describing our culture would be family.” – Pierce RV, Montana

    BS:  Can you describe the extent of overlanding in your region if you feel comfortable speaking on this topic? What makes overlanding great in your neck of the woods?

    Pierce: From the plains in the east, to the mountains in the west, we are a destination state with unparalleled scenery.  For the overlander who’s looking for off-grid trailer camping, Montana provides so many ways to get remote (but you need an off-road trailer that can match the ruggedness of the terrain). There are countless places to go into the backcountry and hike, fish, or just relax.  Overlanders are a resourceful bunch, and in their research of the region they’ll find lots of maps and roads to help determine where to go.

    black series trailer in montana being tested by wes siler

    Left: Outside Magazine’s Wes Siler testing the HQ12 in Montana // Right: A classic Montana river landscape

    BS:  What is your #1 tip for off-road campers and off-road trailer owners with who are setting out in your region? Anything they definitely will want to know but might not think of off the bat?

    Pierce: Be prepared for the weather to change, especially for those going higher up in the mountains.  It can be sunny and hot one day, and then weather moves in and a there’s a couple inches of snow on the ground. 

    BS:  How do you see overlanding and off-road trailer camping changing in the next 3-5 years? What’s the next big wave of innovation, groundbreaking feature, or upcoming technology?

    Pierce: The growth of RV sales is substantially outweighing the number of campgrounds.  So more and more people are finding ways to get farther “off the grid”.  This kind of remote, off-road trailer camping will absolutely become more and more popular every year.  To this end, I think the electrical systems the efficiency of solar power on campers will continue to evolve.  We’ll see the use of lithium batteries continue to increase, too.  

    BS:  We’ll end in a blaze of glory with what we call our “lightning round” – 10 rapid-fire questions that  exist for no reason other than to have a little fun…

    Front Country or Backcountry?

    Pierce: Backcountry

    Medium Rare or Well Done?

    Pierce: Medium Rare. Does anyone answer well done? 

    Lap Dog or Work Dog?

    Pierce: Work Dog

    Country or Classic Rock?

    Pierce: Country

    GPS or Paper Maps?

    Pierce: GPS

    Latte or Straight Black?

    Pierce: Black

    Podcast or Music?

    Pierce: Music

    Ford or Chevy?

    Pierce: Chevy

    Fly Fishing or Spin Tackle?

    Pierce: Fly

    Whiskey or Beer?

    Pierce: Beer

    There you have it. If you’re in Big Sky country looking for am off-road trailer, this is your go-to Black Series dealership. They’ll make sure you drive off the lot with full working knowledge of your rig so you can hit the ground running


    Pierce RV Supercenter

    3800 Pierce Parkway

    Billings, MT  59106

    Call or Text 406-655-8000


    Pierce RV Supercenter

    4200 10th Ave. South

    Great Falls, MT  59405

    Call or Text 406-761-3520