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    When the great outdoors beckons, the camper trailer stands out as the ideal way to turn a pleasant trip into an amazing one. But, on-road travel trailers may not offer the advantages you need when the adventure you seek takes you to the bush.

    On-road campers are perfect for trips that take you on tarred roads and perhaps the occasional dirt track. In comparison, the overland trailer features a design that makes even the unbeaten track simple to handle.

    If you’re an avid outdoor adventurer, chances are the off-road camper trailer provides the functionality you need to enjoy the rugged terrain of nature. This article looks at the advantages of the all-terrain camper compared to the on-road RV and why the off-road trailer is worth a closer look.

    On-Road Trailers

    The suspension system, tires, and design of an on-road camper make it ideal for trips on smoothly tarred roads and, occasionally, well-maintained gravel. Take it off-road, and you’re likely to end up with a damaged trailer.

    The engineering of a touring camper is specifically suited to towing on even surfaces and will not withstand the grueling and uneven nature of off-roading. Many types of on-road travel trailers battle with gravel or dirt surfaced roads in wet weather, so even a trip to a slightly more rustic nature park is questionable. If you’re looking for a camper that allows you a little more freedom, an offroad trailer is your best bet.

    Off-Road Travel Trailers

    When most people think of off grid trailers, the pop-up camper comes to mind – a trailer that opens up to offer an outdoor kitchen and platform to erect a tent. While these are perfect for all-terrain use, they don’t provide the comfort of an on-road camper. Before you peruse pop up campers for sale, take a moment to consider travel trailers instead.

    The off-road trailer combines the comfort and style of an on-road camper with the durability of pop up campers. Their unique engineering and construction allow these trailers to withstand all forms of terrain in any weather, making them the ideal choice for outdoor adventurers.

    Campers designed for off-road use, such as the Black Series HQ21, are often more costly than their on-road counterparts, but with good reason. The combination of robust materials, specific engineering, and durable construction make the trailers far more versatile. Elements such as improved dust seals, higher ground clearance, and strengthened underbody construction allow you to put these trailers to the test on rocky fields or bumpy dirt roads.

    To fully understand the advantages the off-road trailer offers, let’s take a closer look at the features they offer.


    The suspension systems used in an off-road camper differ significantly from that of an on-road trailer. Sit in a touring camper while it’s towed, and you’re guaranteed to feel every bump. An overland trailer features an improved suspension that makes the vehicle easily traverse terrain of all kinds.

    If you’re looking for a travel trailer that provides exceptional suspension, Black Series makes use of a quad shock design that evenly distributes the load. Typically, you would have only two shocks; however, the four employed in the Black Series range of campers offer a far smoother ride, extended shock life, and much safer handling. Custom trailing arms introduced to this already advanced system allows each wheel to move independently. Driving over holes in the road or tackling dirt tracks in the bush becomes as effortless as traveling along a newly tarred street.


    An on-road trailer usually features tires that come in around 13-inches in size and, sometimes, 14-inches for a larger model. While these work well for use on the streets and offer the width and traction necessary, they won’t cut it off-road.

    An off-road camper comes with tires that provide more significant traction, and often they are wider, allowing for better grip and balance. Black Series designs its overland trailers to feature 16-inch wheels fitted with 265 x 75 x R16 mud terrain tires, making traveling in any conditions safe and easy.

    Exterior Design

    The exterior or body of an on-road camper, while sturdy and durable, is not designed to withstand the scuffs, scratches, and dents often caused when you head into nature. Rocks, trees, and any other obstacle will cause damage to your trailer.

    Camper manufacturers such as Black Series construct their campers to provide a more durable exterior designed to withstand the wear and tear that comes with off-roading. For example, Black Series places its campers higher off the ground and fits them with a diamond-plate lower section to prevent rips, tears, and damage from any rocks and debris you pass over.

    Models such as the Black Series HQ21 also include bash bars, a trailer’s version of a bull bar that protects the corners and curves of the vehicle from collisions with stones, branches, and trees. Bash bars are not a feature that comes included in an on-road RV, making these vehicles impractical for use anywhere other than on the road.

    In addition, the HQ21 also comes with a Polyblock hitch that allows for 360-degree rotation, which makes moving over uneven and uneven tracks far more straightforward. In a typical on-road camper, the hitch movement is often limited, making it incapable of performing the actions needed for off-road travel. Because travel campers such as the HQ21 offer this flexibility, they are excellent for use on and off-road.

    Final Thoughts

    While an on-road camper trailer offers many benefits and is an exceptional choice for anyone who prefers heading to a well-maintained camping ground, they provide little flexibility.

    If you would rather have a camper that allows you to travel on-road and off-road, then a travel trailer is your best option. These overland campers offer the same comforts as a typical camper but come with a more robust exterior, higher clearance, wider tires, and custom engineered suspension, as seen in the Black Series travel trailers. Outdoor adventurers looking for an offroad trailer won’t go wrong with a camper of this sort.