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    There is nothing more exciting than hitting the road and heading off on a camping trip. The idea of heading off into nature away from the hum-drum of daily office work, chores at home, and the concrete jungle.


    But, often, camping isn’t all that it’s made out to be. Days in a cramped tent that leaks at the slightest hint of rain are not always pleasant. Besides, who wouldn’t want the comforts of home on a trip to the wilderness?


    So, perhaps you’ve opted for RV life instead. A sturdy rig that allows you to live in style while you experience the outdoors. Unfortunately, you still need a campsite to keep your camper trailer operational, or do you?


    How Does Spending Time in Nature Benefit Us?

    Nature has a profound effect on us that offers many benefits. By spending even a few minutes outside, we can stimulate our brain function, lower stress levels, and spend quality time with family.

    It Reduces Stress and Boosts Happiness

    Research shows that spending just three days outdoors dramatically reduces stress. Fresh air and exercise also release endorphins that leave us feeling rejuvenated and happy. Exercise also improves our overall health and keeps us fit. A day spent hiking from your RV to a nearby lake or outcrop is not only fun, but it is good for you too.

    Improves Cognitive Function

    Time spent in nature also increases our creativity and cognitive function, making it easier to get things done faster and without fuss. Putting all these aspects together, you’ll find that your ability to concentrate and make decisions quickly improves too.


    Increases Quality Time Spent With Family

    When you remove the interruptions of daily life, like the office, television, and the internet, you find a lot more time to spend with those you love most. Camping out in nature provides the ideal opportunity to bond with family by building a raft, taking a hike, or sitting around a bonfire telling stories and reminiscing.

    Allows Us to Connect With Nature

    Connecting to nature and experiencing the joys it has to offer acts as a balm for the soul. Taking in the views, watching the birds, and observing wildlife from a distance gives us a greater appreciation for where we come from and the world we live in. It also serves as the perfect platform to teach younger children about caring for the environment and what it means to be eco-conscious.



    While you may hope to experience these benefits by taking an RV out on the road and heading to your nearest national park, this isn’t always the case. Most RVs will only travel on smoothly tarred roads, and they often require the use of a campsite.


    Why a Campsite Is Less Than Ideal

    If you’re traveling with an RV, chances are you will still rely on the amenities found in a campsite. Blackwater removal, electricity, and water are all essentials you need to keep living RV life in comfort. However, there are a few pitfalls of having to park your camper at one of these sites.

    Cramped Living

    Campsites only offer limited space for campers and those with travel trailers. Yet, these parks still want to get the most out of the area in terms of profit. The result is that the sites for RVs are often small and tightly fitted, one next to the other.


    These narrow spaces leave you living in very close quarters to your neighbor, leaving little room for privacy or to enjoy the nature that surrounds you. And, let your fellow camper next door empty their blackwater tank while you’re having dinner, and your dining experience is quickly ruined.

    Noisy Neighbors

    One of the worst aspects of a campground is the noise. Many campers feel that playing their sound systems beyond a reasonable hour is acceptable because they’re on holiday. Others may go against the unspoken etiquette of RV life and knock on your door at six am, asking if you have any milk to spare.


    And then there are the sounds of daily life that you can’t ignore because of your proximity to other campers. The soothing sounds of nature don’t stand a chance.


    What Is the Solution?

    So, how do you avoid the crowds and the noise if you’re traveling in an RV? The key here is to find yourself an offroad trailer. These unique rigs offer a unique experience that allows you to immerse yourself in nature like never before.


    An overland trailer brings a particular set of features not found in a traditional RV, which makes them so versatile. Off road camper trailer manufacturers such as Black Series have masterfully designed the RV to allow it to traverse all terrains, making it easy to visit spots off the beaten track. As an example, Black Series incorporates their custom-designed and engineered trailing arms that allow each wheel to move independently. A component that provides for a smoother, more stable ride, whether you are on smooth tar or making your way across a rocky clearing in the wilderness.


    Off grid trailers are far more durable, making it easy to reach those spaces in nature far from the crowds and their noise. But, you may wonder how you live then without the conveniences a campsite provides?


    An offroad trailer features all the amenities you need and more. Solar panels combined with additional power sources, a large water tank, and an interior designed to rival a hotel suite make it easy to live off the grid in your RV if you buy a camper trailer for sale from Black Series that is.


    Final Thoughts

    Most travel trailers don’t allow you to experience the great outdoors fully by relying on the conveniences offered by a campsite. But, with a campsite comes noise, crowds, and a lack of nature.


    The best way around this is to invest in an overland camper trailer, much like those offered by Black Series. These all-terrain RVs allow you to reap the benefits of nature while enjoying the comforts of home.