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    Being outdoors offers a variety of benefits that positively affect us both physically and mentally, which is why camping is such a popular pastime.


    However, you may find that spending time at a campground is not your idea of the perfect nature getaway. These sites bring noise, crowds, and everything that the wilderness is not, detracting from the positive impact nature has on your mental health.


    Traveling with Black Series makes it possible to avoid these busy campsites, allowing you to get back to nature and reap the rewards this experience offers.


    The Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

    Scientists have proven, through multiple studies, that by immersing ourselves in nature, we boost our mental health and overall wellbeing. Below you will find some of the top reasons why spending time outdoors contributes to a happier, healthier life.


    Serotonin Skyrockets

    Serotonin is the hormone responsible for our mood, happiness, and feelings of contentment. Lowered levels of serotonin lead to anxiety, stress, and unhappiness. Too much time spent working, browsing online, and coping with the daily stresses can lead to a lowered production of this hormone.


    Serotonin levels increase when we spend time outdoors. Exercise and time in the sunshine are two natural and highly effective ways to boost the serotonin your body produces. The result? An increase in your self-confidence, lowered anxiety, and a positive mindset. If you’re feeling low or anxious, a trip to nature may be exactly what you need.


    Peaceful Sleep

    Melatonin is another natural hormone produced by the body, and one of its functions is to regulate sleep cycles. Spending too much time indoors or in artificially lit environments suppresses your melatonin production. Lowered levels of this hormone leave you with irregular sleep patterns, disrupted nights and will leave you feeling tired and unrested during the day.


    Boosting your melatonin production is simple, and all it requires is a little time spent in nature. When the sun sets, our body naturally boots into melatonin production mode, allowing us to fall asleep more easily and wake up feeling rejuvenated. However, exposure to light, even artificial light, suppresses this natural process, making it more challenging to fall asleep. When we head out on a trip into nature, we rely less on artificial lighting, allowing our circadian rhythm to reset, making it easier to get a good night’s rest.


    Boosts Endorphins

    Camping trips often mean more outdoor adventures such as hiking, paddling, or fishing. The more you exercise and get your body moving, the more you increase your Endorphin levels. Endorphins are natural chemicals our body produces to relieve stress and pain. Going on a leisurely walk along a river or taking a cycle through the mountains will leave you feeling less stressed and anxious and ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you.


    Of course, finding a spot near a natural feature like the mountains increases your chances of doing these activities even further. Unfortunately, in a regular RV, this isn’t always an option. But, with a Black Series offroad trailer, you can go just about anywhere thanks to their rugged, all-terrain design.


    Detach From Digital

    Various studies show that too much time spent online or sitting behind a screen can lead to depression and increased anxiety levels. Detoxing your online life by spending time away from phones, tablets, TVs, and computers is a great way to reset your mind and expand your happiness.


    While Black Series off grid trailers include uninterrupted power that allows you to use these devices, the ability of these travel trailers to take you off the beaten track and enable you to immerse yourself in nature fully. The chances of you wanting to play on your phone instead of a hike through the forest or go rock climbing are slim, making detaching from the digital simple.


    A Shift in Perspective

    Because we are bombarded daily with emails, social media notifications, phone calls, advertising, and the influence of those around us, it is easy to feel weighed down or not feel we are achieving enough or moving in the right direction.


    Time in nature away from the “noise” of daily life allows us to shift perspective. The soothing sounds of water, the happy chirping of the birds, and the all-around quiet of the forests make it easier to focus and see a more positive path forward.


    An off road camper trailer makes reaching places in the wilderness that offer this kind of tranquility much easier as they can navigate rocky, uneven terrain.



    Where to Find an Overland Trailer

    Now that it is easy to see the benefits of immersing yourself in the wilderness, chances are your desire to camp at a busy campground has vanished altogether.


    What this means, then, is that you’re going to want to take camping to the next level – off the grid. While roughing it in a tent is fine when you have nearby amenities, it isn’t so great when you’re out in the depth of nature.


    Buying a camper trailer that allows you to navigate all terrains and survive without the offerings of a campsite is the best solution. While there are a few on the market, your best bet is to buy a quality overland trailer from a reputable brand. You are, after all, going to be in the great wide open, and you’ll need a travel trailer you can depend on.


    Black Series offers a custom take on off road trailers that utilize intelligent designs, keeping safety in focus while encouraging an outdoor luxury lifestyle that keeps you close to nature.


    Final Thoughts

    Nature offers a bounty of perks that impact positively on your mental health. However, to fully reap these benefits, you need to immerse yourself in nature, away from crowds, noise, and technology.


    The best way to experience nature at its finest and enjoy it wholeheartedly is to plan a trip using an overland trailer, one that allows you to leave the frenzy of a campground and relax.