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    The beauty of nature is best experienced when travelers are immersed in their surroundings, away from the crowds, the noise of a campground, and tightly-packed RV sites.

    While a regular camper trailer can’t offer this experience, there is an overland trailer that can. Whether a weekend camping enthusiast or a small family of four looking for that ideal camper trailer for sale, the camper trailer featured here is sure to leave adventurers impressed.

    Sleek, rugged, and able to travel across more than just smooth tar, this unique off road camper trailer is designed to provide users with an authentic nature experience. So, let’s dive in and take a closer look!

    Black Series - Taking Travelers Back to Nature

    Black Series – Taking Travelers Back to Nature

    With over 14 years in the RV industry under its belt, Black Series has fast become an internationally renowned brand. It isn’t difficult to see why the Black Series travel trailers are loved across Australia, Europe, and the US. More than just a typical RV, Black Series features a range of pop up campers and luxury off grid trailers that make exploring nature easy. The one-of-a-kind design and all-terrain abilities of this brand’s travel trailers make them worth a closer look. Here, the HQ12 really stood out.

    HQ12 - The Ultimate Overland Trailer for Weekend Camping

    HQ12 – The Ultimate Overland Trailer for Weekend Camping

    Black Series has designed the HQ12 to feature the same sleek, iconic style as a Swiss army knife. This offroad trailer is compact and streamlined, adding a touch of elegance to a vehicle designed to conquer even the most challenging terrain. The HQ12 overland trailer is perfect for quick weekend getaways to the wilderness, or family vacations, fitting four people comfortably.

    HQ12 – The Exterior

    A black and white body with red accents is the signature look of any Black Series RV, and the HQ12 is no different. The 19.6ft trailer features a robust body made from aluminum composite panels with added aluminum diamond plating for exceptional durability.

    Adding extra strength to the base is a stone guard that preserves the trailer against damage from rocks, logs, and any other potentially damaging items traveled over.

    And then there’s the roof. Created from a single piece of aluminum, it includes a roof hatch with shade, but it also acts as a two-step pop-up with stylish mesh windows. This clever pop top allows for a natural breeze to make its way through the cabin without letting bugs in, and it increases the interior height of the RV.

    HQ12 - The Exterior

    HQ12 – The Interior

    The interior is just as impressive, the queen-size bed, convertible lounge, and the full fiber-glass shower and toilet all stand out as exceptional features.

    Black Series has spared no detail, ensuring every square inch of the interior of the HQ12 is fitted with the very best materials and appliances. Wood vinyl flooring and contemporary five-star timber finish cabinetry with soft-close drawers complement the modern lounge and dinette.

    A propane stove, microwave, fridge/freezer, and sink outfit the kitchen. And, for those nights when travelers may want to rather create sumptuous meals outdoors, there is an outdoor kitchen too, complete with a stainless steel slide-out sink, a propane burner stove, and a sizeable prep table.

    HQ12 – Plumbing and Electricity

    While the interior and exterior of this off grid camper may offer luxury and durability, the amenities this trailer features make it easy to live in nature, the unique design of Black Series trailers eliminates the need to rely on the services provided at a campground.

    The HQ12 comes with four separate water tanks, each designated to black water, grey water, fresh water, and drinking water, making it easy to live off-grid without relying on the ablutions of a campsite. The hot water system enables adventurers to have a hot shower daily using the full indoor shower or outdoor shower.

    HQ12 - Plumbing and Electricity

    A 12V/110V electrical system comes with a 2,000W Black Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter and a custom Black Series Camper Inc. Control Panel. Powering the camper and eliminating the need to hook up to the power offered by a camping site are four roof-mounted 150 Watt solar panels and two 100AH batteries. With this system in place, campers can live in the wilderness for days while the overland trailer generates all the electricity needed.

    Ample internal and external lighting make it easy to live in the camper as though going about life at home. And if workaholics need somewhere to plug in their laptop, the plug points included will help out.

    HQ12 – The All-Terrain Design

    Now that it’s clear that travelers can comfortably live in nature with the HQ12, the question is, can they get that deep into the wilderness to start with? The answer here is undoubtedly, yes!

    Black Series custom designs the suspension of all its travel trailers, fitting them with independent control arm suspension with dual shock absorbers and coil springs. This system is made to move over just about any terrain, allowing travelers to go off-road and head deep into the heart of the wilderness.

    Unlike traditional campers, the tires on the HQ12 are different. Black Series fits its camper trailers with 265x75xR16 off-road tires, and they even include two spare tires, keeping safety and security in sight at all times.

    Black Series HQ12 - Window View

    HQ12 – Additional Features

    Black Series takes safety, security, and quality seriously. But what the brand also places high at the top of its list is comfort. So to ensure those traveling in the HQ12 feel like they never left the comfort of home, the brand includes unique features like air conditioning, a furnace for those cold nights, and even an entertainment system with indoor and marine-grade outdoor speakers.

    Final Thoughts

    Black Series takes outdoor camper travel to new destinations with its unique and custom RV designs. Factoring in every detail, the brand has crafted a safe, comfortable vehicle that can be taken just about anywhere.

    Family trips and weekend adventures will never be the same again now that the HQ12 has opened up new avenues of exploration. Explore nature and enjoy it to its fullest with the unique experience provided by a Black Series HQ12 overland trailer.