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    If you’ve finally decided to go RVing – well, that’s awesome! And nobody can really blame you, it’s good for your overall well-being to finally be able to escape this nightmare we’re living in. Getting away for a little family trip in an RV is an ideal way to spend some quality time with Mother Nature – away from the busy and noisy city life, hunched over a laptop, busy ticking away numbers and whatnot. Boondocking has really picked up since last year.

    Nobody knew what to do or if they should really break quarantine and go away for a while. Well, now, as the world reels back from the darkness that is Covid-19, you’ve got a great excuse to pack up your gear and explore the vast, beautiful national parks in the country.

    Vaccinations are Making Things Easier and Safer for Everyone – Even RVers!

    Sure, the threat isn’t really over – but thanks to so many people getting vaccinated, combined with proper SOP guidance and social distancing, boondocking is becoming a great way to spend a couple of days away from work life and well, other people!

    You’d also be happy to know that overland trailer camping is becoming a really popular recreational activity in the country and there are some incredible benefits of travelling in the Black Series travel trailers.

    Why is it an Amazing Experience to Boondock in anOverland Trailer?

    Travel trailers are the best way to set out for a memorable yet comfortable and fun adventure. One of the best things about off grid trailers is the fact that they’re excellent for accommodating small families – up to 3-4 people quite snugly. With more room to relax, use different amenities, a bathroom, etc. RV trailers like the all-new HQ21 by Black Series offer plenty of space to keep your gear along with other essential items. Here are more amazing reasons why you should opt for RV trailers:

    ·         With popup campers, you can easily unhook them and take off in your SUV to explore other areas

    ·         RVs like the HQ series offer more room – perfect for families

    ·         Plenty of space to store your things

    ·         Can include bunk beds for kids

    ·         Excellent suspension system for driving on rough terrain

    ·         Come in a variety of sizes, features, and layouts

    Introducing the New HQ21 Overland Trailer – Redefining Modern Boondocking

    Black Series has just introduced its latest addition in modern and feature-packed travel trailers – the HQ21. And like usual, the brand has kept its promise to provide enthusiastic RVers with state-of-the-art facilities, features, and amenities that are difficult to find in most mainstream travel trailers.

    The new HQ21 is designed to be driven on the roughest of terrain without any maintenance issues or breakdowns and provides tired travelers with plenty of space to rest and sleep. You’ll feel like you’re at home! Here are some awesome reasons why you should consider renting or buying this overland trailer:

    A Luxuriously Spacious and Beautiful Interior

    The HQ21 is Black Series’ most ambitious yet elegant RV, boasting the longest design of any other overland trailer in their collection. With over 28 feet long, the interior height of the vehicle is more than 10 feet. Moreover, the RV comes with a topnotch veneer design along with a queen-size bed, giving you more space and comfort to sleep after an exhausting adventure. Check out some other excellent features and luxuries in the new HQ21:

    ·         Comes with high-gloss timber enamel cabinetry that beautifully complements the overall color theme and textures of the vehicle – making the space more brighter than before.

    ·         Fitted with complementing PET cabinets for a more modern look.

    ·         The cabinets are manufactured with best-in class materials, which make them more durable and resistant to scratches.

    ·         Same classic ROB lighting effects to make the interior design warmer – the bed and sofa are each fitted a side light strip so that you can safely walk around or move without turning on the lights.

    ·         Multi-fold velvet and linen curtains with a light gray tone.

    ·         Chic and round cabinets so that you don’t bump and bruise yourself.

    Durable and Portable Outdoor Kitchen

    Cook anything you desire thanks to the full outdoor kitchen feature in the HQ21. It comes equipped with Dometic™ kitchen appliances, which includes 3 burner stoves and sinks, a bigger preparation table, and a cleverly designed, hidden side prep table for all your needs. Now you can easily and comfortably cook your favorite meals while camping – want to BBQ? No problem! Want to prepare sandwiches, juices, snacks, salads? No problem! The HQ21 is an incredible overland trailer that is designed to be your home away from home while on a camping trip.

    Four Bunk Beds

    Yes, you read that right – not 2, not 3, but 4 bunk beds! Talk about accommodation! The HQ21 comes with four portable bunk beds that you can easily take out once you’ve reached your destination. After settling down and storing your gear, just pull down the bunk beds and voila! Instant beds for kids and guests. But that’s not all. If you want to sit outside and relax or read a book in the shade, just pull out the awning enclosure that comes with the HQ21 overland trailer.

    Every Appliance You Need

    Another fantastic reason why HQ21 could easily be one of the best travel trailers is that it comes with a slew of modern appliances to make you feel as if you’ve never left home! The new RV comes built-in with moveable 24” TV with DVD function, a 17-gallon Dometic fridge, and a slide-out stainless steel kitchen. Moreover, the RV is also fitted with a smoke alarm as an added and necessary safety feature.

    Superior Wall Paneling for Improved Comfort

    The new HQ21 overland trailer comes with a queen-size bed and a sofa lounge that can comfortably seat a couple. Moreover, the wall paneling has been upgraded to add more flexibility and comfort. There are significant enhancements made to both the sofa and the bed. For example, the sofa now has a raised backrest for you to relax without having to completely lie down.

    You can read a book and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. The bed is upgraded with softer materials to help you comfortably sleep after a long day of exploring the great outdoors. You’ll really be happy with the down feathers in the bed; you’ll feel like your sleeping on clouds. The material is hypoallergenic and easy to clean and dry – so don’t worry if the kids spill anything on the bed!

    Clever Interior Layout Design

    The cabinetry has a more sleek and lux look and feel, and the door handles are more flexible and durable. You won’t have worry about any maintenance, just use them as you would in your own kitchen (your actual kitchen, that is). The bathroom’s been completely upgraded with newer fixtures and fittings – they’re more durable and scratch-resistant, which means you won’t have to replace them anytime soon. Fixtures such as faucets, towel rack, the double cup holder, and shower, all come with grey hairline finishing.

    Unmatched Suspension for a Smooth Ride

    The new off road camper trailer comes with the same unrivaled suspension technology as the previous models. The HQ21 has a powerful suspension system, and it’s safe to say that this is one of the best features of the HQ series. With an independent suspension mechanism, you can drive the trailer on the roughest of terrains without experiencing a hitch in the ride.

    The HQ suspension system offers more reliability, smoothness, and stability. Drive it on the highway or on a rough, rocky roadside, you won’t really feel the difference. The suspension mechanism is fitted with the Black Serie’s latest quad shock resistance technology – which means the off road trailer will evenly distribute its entire load on the four quad shocks. Your ride is going to be safer and more comfortable, especially if you’ve packed heavy.

    State-of-the-Art Control Panel and Powerful Sound System

    The new camper trailer comes with a cutting-edge control panel, upgraded with wireless touch circuitry – providing next level functionality and ease of accessibility. You can now track your power consumption for gas and electricity in real-time using the touch screen control panel.

    You can easily connect your smartphone with the next-gen RV control system and monitor everything independently. The overland trailer also comes with advanced GPS navigation and locator capabilities, which means you can locate your RV on your phone if you wander too far off.

    The sound system on the RV is absolutely incredible. You can watch your favorite TV shows, movies or listen to songs with crisp, high-quality sound thanks to the new super-bass sound system with a 4-channel amplifier. It’s like your own little cinema.

    Always-Charge Battery System

    The HQ21 travel trailers are fitted with a reliable battery system, upgraded to 100-AH battery for continuous power supply. And because the RV is also fitted 150-watt solar panels right on the roof, the battery will continually charge throughout the day. It’s safe to say that you’ll never run out of power.

    Final Thoughts

    So there you have it – the new HQ21 overland trailer, a true technological and practical marvel, which has really changed the boondocking game!