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    Deciding what type of travel trailer is best for you is a necessity because imagine spending a good amount of money on an investment that doesn’t meet all your criteria. Pretty disappointing!

    Your travel trailer is also your living space, hence you need to make certain it’s as comfortable as possible.

    If you are confused about the different rv types and you need to make a decision, then you are in the right place.

    This article will cover the nitty-gritty of travel trailers, so making a choice will be an interesting task.

    Keep reading!

    What Is A Travel Trailer?


    travel trailer is a type of recreational vehicle that is basically a non-motorized compact home on wheels designed to be towed behind a vehicle. Travel trailers come with lots of benefits as they are considered a great option and substitute for a “home on the road”.

    What Are The Different Types of Travel Trailers?

    There are many types of travel trailers and it can become overwhelming to choose if you don’t know the features to look out for.

    The truth is, there’s a travel trailer for everyone, you just need to figure out what you need in an RV and what you don’t.

    Let’s go over the common types of rvs and what makes them stand out.

    Classic Travel Trailers


    Classic travel trailers are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s a great option for those interested in a vintage-themed rv.

    You may be wondering why anyone would want to purchase a travel trailer that was trendy in the 20th century, but it’s a good buy if you are a lover of timeless aesthetics.

    A classic travel trailer usually features a polished aluminum exterior and retro-inspired interior, If you are looking for a type of rv with big space, this might not be for you, as it’s a rather small trailer.

    Depending on the model, you are sure to find the basic amenities as you would in a modern RV.

    Smaller travel trailers tend to have a small sleeping space, so if you have a large family, you might want to consider something a lot bigger. The sleeping capacity of a classic travel trailer is 2 to 4 people.

    Classic rvs are affordable, and with $700, you can purchase a model that features modern conveniences.

    Classic travel trailers are in their own category, and they usually weigh between 2000 – 3500 pounds, with a length of 10 to 35 feet.

    To increase their square footage, some models of classic travel trailers come with slide-outs, and kitchen appliances are often built to these slide-outs.


    • It has a unique aesthetic appeal that sets it apart from other modern rv types

    • Many classic travel trailers are typically built with durable materials like aluminum

    • There’s the potential for customization; you can renovate it to your desired style


    • Classic travel trailers from the old era may lack modern amenities

    • They are often small in size, hence limited sleeping spaces as well

    • Depending on the model, classic rvs might have low fuel efficiency

    Toy Haulers

    Toy haulers also called sport utility rvs are travel trailers that have a cargo area in their rear. They are designed with enough storage space to accommodate your equipment like motorcycles, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, golf carts, kayaks, and other tons of gear. It’s the most popular rv type for campers who want to carry tons of loads, including a truck bed.

    Toy haulers are typically equipped with a rear ramp that serves as a loading gear, and some of the additional features you might find in toy haulers are; a weatherproof interior, lofted beds, an onboard gas tank, and solar panels.

    If you are looking for an rv trailer with the capacity of carrying small recreational vehicles, then a toy hauler is the perfect rv. A toy hauler has a towing capacity of 14,000 to 21,000 pounds, depending on its size.

    For folks who want a large living space, toy haulers might not be the right fit, because the garage takes up a lot of space. Toy haulers are usually heavy because of the weight of the cargo they are carrying, so you’ll need a heavy-duty tow vehicle if you intend to get it towed.

    Depending on the size, most toy haulers can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people, so if you are looking for camping trailers for a wildlife adventure with friends, you might want to consider a toy hauler.

    Toy haulers don’t qualify as a cheap rv, as it costs anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000, however, the price is dependent on the model, brand, size, and amenities. Plus, toy haulers are available for rvs such as class A gas motorhomes, class A diesel motorhomes, class C motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers.


    • Large cargo space for individuals who want to bring their outdoor toys on adventures.

    • Versatile space that can be converted into an office space or a guest bedroom

    • There’s a distinct separation between the living space and the cargo area


    • Limited living space as the storage area takes up a large portion of the floor plan

    • Noise, smells, and fumes can enter the living quarters if you choose to transport motorized rvs

    • Toy haulers are expensive compared to the traditional travel trailers

    Teardrop Trailers – Tiny Trailers


    You can spot a teardrop trailer from miles away due to its distinct teardrop shape. Teardrop trailers are one of the lightest and smallest type of rvs, weighing between 1000 to 2000 pounds. Also, because it’s a light and towable rv, it’s the perfect choice for solo travelers or couples, because pretty much any vehicle can tow it.

    A teardrop trailer is designed for efficiency, as it contains all the necessary amenities to make your rv lifestyle comfortable, such as compact sleeping quarters, an outdoor kitchen, and maybe a small dining area.

    Similar to class b motorhomes, teardrop trailers utilize every inch of their floor plan by featuring convertible beds, folding sinks, and outdoor kitchens usually accessed by opening the rear clamshell hatch.


    • Due to their lighter weight, these tiny trailers are more fuel efficient

    • Teardrops are inexpensive

    • You can easily customize your teardrop trailer, as it’s usually a blank canvas


    • Teardrop trailers have limited interior space

    • It cannot contain a lot of people

    • They have fewer amenities compared to other class c rvs

    Pop-up Trailers (aka Pop-up Camper Trailers)

    Pop-up campers also called tent campers is a folding trailer that provides a flexible camping experience.

    A pop-up trailer usually has a hard base with canvas sides that pop up to provide additional living space when in a campground, but while on the move, they are kept collapsed to provide a compact look. Due to their compact size, they are sometimes called camper vans.

    Pop-up truck campers are designed to be lower than their towing vehicle to have a reduced impact on the gas mileage.

    These towable rvs weigh about 1800 to 2000 pounds, and they can comfortably accommodate 4 to 8 people, making them the perfect recreational vehicle for large families.

    Some models of pop-up campers come with a diesel engine, which is quite common for class b motorhomes. You might spend $10,000 – $20,000 for a new pop-up truck camper or even more.


    • Pop-up campers are lightweight and towable

    • Setting up a pop-up camper is pretty easy, and when not in use, you can easily fold and store it as well

    • Pop-up truck campers have lower prices than larger rv trailers

    • Pop-ups are inexpensive and perfect for families that enjoy weekend getaways


    • Bad weather can make sleeping in a pop-up truck camper a nightmare, especially when you are unprepared

    • Pop-ups have limited storage capacity

    • Pop-ups lack the convenience and comfort of spacious rvs

    Fifth Wheel Trailer


    Fifth-wheel trailers sometimes interchangeably referred to as truck campers are one of the largest type of rv trailers. They always require a specialized hitch installed in the bed of the pickup truck. They are referred to as ‘fifth wheels” because the front side of the trailer extends over the truck’s bed. And the truck bed connection makes the ride smoother and more balanced.

    Due to the installed hitch, fifth-wheel campers have a raised forward section that serves as an additional living or sleeping space.

    For full-time rvers that need a large rv trailer with all the amenities needed to make camping a comfortable one, the fifth wheelers are your best bet. Although on the expensive side – they cost $25,0000 to $100,000 or more – you are getting your money’s worth.

    The fifth-wheel trailer is a popular choice for individuals who want a lot of interior space, as it’s the largest rv there is.

    Some models of fifth-wheel trailers have floorplans with up to six slideouts, so you get to have lots of space for kingsized beds, refrigerators, an entertainment center, and island kitchens. Up to 10 people or more can comfortably sleep in a fifth-wheel trailer, making this rv perfect for extended travel.

    Fifth wheels are bigger than regular travel trailers, and they have an average empty weight of 12,000 pounds.

    Remember that the fifth-wheel trailer is one of the heaviest types of rv, and depending on the weight, you’ll need a heavy-duty tow vehicle or pickup truck with a towing capacity of up to 35,000 pounds.


    • Fifth wheels are popular for their spacious living area and open floorplans, and you won’t need a separate vehicle to bring your extras along

    • Fifth wheels provide enough storage space both inside and outside the unit


    • While it’s a towable vehicle, it still requires a heavy-duty towing vehicle that can safely stop it as well and not small SUVs

    • Fifth wheels are expensive compared to other types of travel trailers

    Hybrid Trailer

    The hybrid travel trailer combines the features of a traditional travel trailer and a pop-up camper. The deal with this is that you get to have an rv trailer that has more space than a pop-up, but lighter than a traditional travel trailer.

    As with many class c motorhomes, the hybrid trailer fits into most campsites and it has all the amenities you’ll need, from a full kitchen to fresh water, and grey and black tanks. So, like other class C rvs, a hybrid trailer might include a bunkhouse and full bathroom.

    Hybrids are unique because they can feature pop-outs and slide-outs as well, providing extra storage for you. This is the right type of rv for a weekend getaway with a small family, and you can buy a new one for $15,000 to $30,000.

    Hybrid trailers aren’t considered “very heavy” as they have an average weight of 3,000 to 6,500, and they can accommodate up to 6 people.

    So, if you own any four-wheelers, you can comfortably tow a hybrid trailer, however, heavier hybrid campers might require pickup trucks.


    • Easily towed by small SUVs and trucks

    • It has a versatile design and compact size

    • It’s not so small inside, as it has bathrooms, bedrooms and quite spacious interiors

    • Hybrid trailers offer improved ventilation and outdoor connection


    • There’s limited exterior storage

    • It requires more setup time than other towable rvs

    • Hybrid trailers are more sensitive to extreme weather as they are not properly insulated

    • The tent-like section of a hybrid trailer requires regular maintenance

    Stand-up Trailers

    Stand-up trailer is a class c motorhome very similar to teardrop trailers, but less popular. They are taller than most designs of teardrop trailers, meaning you get to stand comfortably when inside.

    Due to their smaller size, stand-up trailers might not have all the luxury features of larger travel trailers, but you are sure to enjoy a smooth ride when on the road. Depending on the model, it might include a kitchen space and even bathrooms. Since most of the stand-up trailers come with a dining area, you might want to switch that up to an extra sleeping space if need be.

    So, if you are looking for a small rv that can be towed by almost any vehicle, then consider the stand-up trailer, plus it’s easier to park in any campground.


    • It’s a towable rv trailer that can be towed by even small SUVs

    • Stand-up trailers are inexpensive to maintain


    • It’s smaller than most types of rvs, meaning limited storage

    How To Choose The Type of Travel Trailer That Best Suits Your Needs?


    From pop-up campers to teardrop to all class b rvs, the list is endless when it comes to selecting the right rv for your adventures. However, with a few tips, you should be able to narrow your options and get an rv of your choice.

    • Budget Consideration: You most definitely cannot buy an rv above your budget, and that’s fine because there’s an rv for every budget. The trick to buying a luxury rv for a discounted price is considering used rvs, however, be sure that it’s in perfect condition before making payment.

    • Living Space Requirements: If you have a big family or lots of friends who intend on going camping with your rv, then you need to consider getting a big rv trailer to avoid sleeping in a tent on the ground. While teardrops are cute and small, it isn’t the right rv for family camping because it has a small sleeping space. So, if you are looking for a spacious living area, the fifth wheels are your best bet, and if you want a large storage space, go for the toy hauler.

    • Towing Capacity: It makes no sense to buy an rv that you cannot tow using your towing vehicle. All rv classes of motorhomes come in different sizes, so determine the one that matches the capability of your vehicle.

    • Amenities and Features: Figuring out the features that are essential to you is what will help you make a selection from other travel trailers. Generally, features like heating and cooling systems, a fully equipped kitchen, showers, a wet bath, toilets, and entertainment spaces are what make travel trailers ideal for long trips. So write a list of your necessities, and make your choice based on that.

    • Read Reviews: Never buy a travel trailer without checking for reviews on either the manufacturers’ page or third-party sites. Other people’s experiences will help you know the pros and cons of the available travel trailers on the market.


    Every variety of travel trailers offers its good and bad, and the ultimate choice depends on your style and of course budget.

    To determine and explore the right choice for you and your family, ensure you consider factors like towing capacity, living space requirement, and desired camping style.


    What Is The Most Popular Travel Trailer Type? 

    Fifth-wheel rvs have gained popularity in recent times owing to their luxurious elements, spacious interiors, versatility, customization options, and multiple slide-outs.

    Which Travel Trailer Type Is Best For Off-Grid Adventures And Boondocking?

    Toy haulers with garage space in the rear for transporting motorcycles, dirt bikes, and recreational gear are ideal for off-grid adventures.

    Which Travel Trailer Type Is Best For Families?

    Fifth-wheel trailers are perfect for families because of their spacious interiors.

    Which Travel Trailer Type Is Best For Long Trips?

    The fifth wheels are best for long vacations considering their spaciousness, separate living area, full-sized appliances, and amenities. Plus, it’s also a towable rv.

    Which Travel Trailer Type Is Best For Camping?

    The answer to this depends on your camping style, but if you want an rv trailer that can offer protection from harsh weather and still provide you the comfort of home, then try out pop-up truck campers.

    Which Travel Trailer Type Is Best For Full-Time Living?

    For full-time living, you need a fifth-wheel trailer with easy access, a spacious area, residential-style layouts, and all the elements of a home.

    Which Travel Trailer Type Is Best For Seasonal Use?

    For seasonal use, Classic travel trailers can be a good option. They come with amenities like sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Plus, they can accommodate different lengths of stay.

    Which Travel Trailer Type Is Best For Seniors?

    Teardrop trailers are lightweight and easy to tow, making them simple and convenient for seniors who want a minimalistic camping experience.

    Which Travel Trailer Type Is Best For A Single Person?

    The teardrop or standby trailer is best for solo travels, as it’s small and can take you to your destination without any hassles.